Jane Austen and Those Pesky Pine Needles

July 21 (I think), 2015

Okay, I accept (not understand, but accept) that wireless signals do not travel easily through metal, aquariums, and other dense obstructions, but pine needles?  Seriously, pine needles?

Yes, pine needles.  In the battle between pine needles and a wireless signal, the signal emerges weakened and bloodied.  Add wind,  and the pine needles are invincible.  The ground is strewn with little Internet corpses.

It’s a windy day up here in Northern Minnesota, and  so it is way too hard to post on “Jane Austen and Enlightenment Influences” or something like that.  Now I could take my computer to the little outbuilding on the neighboring lot where the router and modem are housed  (being careful not to step on the little Internet corpses)  and plug directly into the router or the modem (once I had figured out which one to use).  But the little outbuilding used to be a wood shed, and prior to that it was the paymaster’s shack at one of the iron ore mines.

And I just can’t see writing about “Jane Austen and Enlightenment Influences” in  a paymaster’s shack/wood shed.


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