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Kathleen Gilles Seidel is the author of fourteen contemporary novels which have won nearly every major romance-market award. She lives in Virginia and has a Ph.D. in English literature from Johns Hopkins. She and her late husband have two daughters. Kathy claims that she will pretty much tell anyone anything. So ask her here or read more here.

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Audible.com is recording the HOMETOWN MEMORIES! I don’t know when the release date is, but my reader is being very diligent. To find the pronunciation of a Brooklyn neighborhood in AGAIN, she consulted Google and called a friend who lives in Brooklyn. Finally she gave up and emailed me. “Pronounce it however you want,” I told her. “I made the place up.”

Get to know Kathy’s Own Hometown

I grew up in Lawrence, Kansas. I like writing about small towns, and Lawrence always felt both bigger and smaller than it actually was. As the University of Kansas is there, it had more variety, culture, and opportunities… Read More

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